Get Help from CBD with Your Muscle Spasms

cbd and anti-spasm

We’ve all had them. Muscle spasms are a generally harmless but always annoying occurrence that can sometimes come on quickly and out of nowhere. But for some people, the muscle spasms are a much more serious issue, happening more regularly and with more intensity than the typical person would experience, sometimes rendering their muscles useless until the sensation passes.

Although there are a number a treatment options available, the one that is increasingly becoming more popular is the use of CBD based oils for treatment. It won’t completely cure your muscle spasm issues, but using CBD treatments has have been shown to immensely help the suffering of those with recurring muscle spasms.

Let’s take a closer look at the causes of these muscle spasms, treatments that are typically used to treat them and the legitimacy of CBD treatments.

The Anatomy of a Muscle Spasms

Resulting in a painful sensation, a muscle spasm suddenly and involuntarily renders your muscles essentially useless until the spasm passes. There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing a muscle spasm:

Overusing muscles – Usually the most common reason for people having muscle spasms is that they’ve overused a muscle. Whether it’s from exercising or a regular daily activity like raking leaves, if your muscles run out of fluid and energy, they become hyper-excitable. If the muscles are tired or if you’re doing an unfamiliar exercise, this is even more likely to happen.

Being Dehydrated – We need lots of water, and if we don’t get that water, our muscles can begin to spasm.

Peripheral artery disease – Spasms can happen if the arteries are narrowed, and muscles can’t get their required blood supply. This most often happens with leg muscles.

Restless legs syndrome – Typically happening through the night, these leg spasms cause sleep disturbance. As we age, these can become more common, although the exact cause is still not known.

Chronic pain – Whether caused by an injury or arthritis pain in the spine, chronic pain in large muscle groups can be the trigger for recurring muscle spasms.

Nervous system diseases – There are certain nervous system diseases that are typically associated with muscle spasms, including MS and spinal cord injuries.

Another underlying condition – There are a number of other disorders that can cause spasms. These may include such things as obesity, diabetes and more.

How Do We Traditionally Treat Muscle Spasms?

Preventing muscle spasms is the number one key to stopping them. Staying well hydrated is the first and easiest step to take towards preventing these from happening in the first place. Stretching before any physical exercise or activity is important in keeping those muscles warmed up. And, it’s not just when you’re about to go for a jog or do yoga; stretching before everyday exercises like mowing the lawn is important too.

What Can CBD Do to Help with Muscle Spasms?

There are two main cannabinoids in cannabis; one is THC and the other is CBC. THC is the component that gives people that ‘high’ they feel with recreational marijuana use. But those seeking out treatments from cannabis without that ‘high’ will be looking for CBD.

The CBD component in cannabis has been shown to help reduce muscle spasms by reducing the muscle inflammation. Increasing the level of CBD in your body can help to reduce inflammation and thereby lessening muscle spasms.

Can Studies Support the Effectiveness of CBDs

Because of the legal restrictions around cannabis, there have been hesitations and barriers between the scientists conducting research on the health benefits of CBD. With changes being made across the world, and cannabis becoming more widely acceptable as a legal source of pain relief, the health benefits of cannabinoids are being looked at more closely.

If you’re suffering from reoccurring muscle spasms, the first step you’ll want to look towards is consulting a doctor. They will be able to identify if there are underlying problems that you may be unaware of that need to be urgently attended to. Once you’re cleared of any potentially serious underlying problems, if you’re still seeking relief from spasms, CBC appears to be a great option.

As a natural remedy for pain and symptom relief, CBD can help with the inflammation that causes pain and spasms. For those individuals who are suffering from chronic and persistent spasms, a topical CBD treatment is great to directly apply to the affected area, providing fast relief of any symptoms.

The suffering of frequent muscle spasms is painful and unwelcome. They are a terrible interruption to your day and can be an even more terrible interruption to your night. The benefits of CBD are seemingly evident. If you’re a sufferer of muscle spasms, you may want to take a look at the benefits of CBD. Remember, before you try anything, to always consult with your physician.

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